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Clinical Research Services


The CCTR established the Clinical Research Services (CRS) in 2011, combining the efforts of the former VCU General Clinical Research Center and the Clinical Trials Office. The CRS streamlines and enhances the delivery of research services, providing oversight to the clinical research studies and initiatives at VCU, coordinating volunteers for clinical trials, aiding researchers in protocol submission procedures and overseeing sponsor agreements and contracts. The CRS is focused on maintaining a supportive environment for conducting clinical and translational research.

The CRS provides physical space and equipment that can be used for inpatient and outpatient clinical research, including inpatient rooms when patients need to stay overnight, and we have research-trained nurses, dieticians and clinical laboratory personnel available for research studies.

In addition, the CRS provides assistance with budgets/contacts and regulatory submissions for clinical research projects and offers trained study coordinators and project managers to help conduct clinical research studies. We can also help with participant recruitment for studies.

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