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The Bionutrition Unit provides a broad range of services to help meet your nutrition research needs. Bionutritionists are experts in the field of nutrition and are a resource for investigators and CRS staff. Our goal is to provide the service you need and the quality you require. We offer personalized research support with a focus on expertise, precision, and outstanding customer service. We offer the following services:

  • Protocol consultation for the nutrition components of studies, with diet methods designed specifically for your research questions.
  • Diet development such as nutrient controlled, therapeutic, and weighed diets.
  • Body composition measurement, including skinfold thickness, circumferences, and bioelectrical impedance (BIA).
  • Diet analysis using diet recalls and multiple day food records.
  • Nutrition Data System (NDS), the gold standard for research diet analysis.
  • Meal and snack preparation and delivery for both inpatients and outpatients

For more information, contact Sakita Sistrun, M.S., R.D., at (804) 828-9226 or email

To request bio nutrition services, please fill out this form.