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Community Review Board

Researcher speaking at the Community Review Board forum

The Community Engagement Core offers VCU faculty the opportunity to conduct more rigorous community-engaged research through its Community Review Board process.

A Community Review Board (CRB) is a structured forum for researchers interested in feedback from community members. It is composed of community members who serve as expert reviewers and provide feedback on various aspects of a proposed or ongoing research project, including the design, study implementation, instrument development, recruitment strategies, dissemination and applying research findings to practice. The VCU CRB was adapted from the model developed by the Meharry-Vanderbilt Community Engaged Research Core.

Community reviewers can inform the researcher process by:

  • Providing a deeper understanding of a community and population’s unique circumstances
  • Increasing sensitivity to the community
  • Determining the feasibility and appropriateness of the project
  • Providing immediate feedback to the researchers

The following steps are required to complete the review process:

Process Responsible party Time required

Online request form

PI or study coordinator

15 minutes

Planning meeting with Community Engagement Core staff


30-45 minutes

Slideshow for community reviewers

PI or study coordinator

30 minutes-1 hour

Review session with Community Review Board


1.5-2 hours

Currently, CRB sessions are available for Metro Richmond on any research topic. If you would like to request a CRB session for Metro Richmond, please click here to fill out the online form.

Please note: The VCU CRB is available to VCU faculty only. There is no cost to researchers for a one-time review session; however, should the researcher choose to maintain an ongoing partnership, the investigator will be responsible for any fiscal and administrative support necessary to maintaining the partnership.