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Virginia Commonwealth University currently offers a master’s degree and a doctoral degree in clinical and translational sciences.

These degrees address the well-documented need to train individuals who will work hand-in-hand with clinical and basic scientists. Those admitted into these competitive programs will be prepared to integrate multiple disciplinary perspectives, have strong technological and computational skills and be sufficiently flexible to easily move among different projects and research venues.

These researchers will be among those who make the most significant advances in clinical and translational science in academic, industry and government environments during the coming decades. The goal, and one of the most innovative aspects of the program, is for these individuals to be fully integrated into clinical departments where they will serve as principal investigators, collaborators and methodological experts.

Matrix of Programs [PDF]

Applicants to the CTS programs should have a strong quantitative, biological or biobehavioral sciences background.

Scholars in the VCU clinical and translational sciences programs gain the interdisciplinary insights and skill sets necessary to be major contributors to the translation of basic research to the bedside, or from the bedside into community practice. These programs respond to what VCU believes will be the focus of clinical and translational sciences in health and health care services in the 21st century.

To apply

Application for admission to graduate programs must be made through the VCU Graduate School. Visit their website for detailed instructions on how to apply.

For more information on these programs, please visit the VCU Bulletin pages below: