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Education, Training and Career Development


The Wright Center for Clinical and Translational Research is a critical component for VCU’s support of and education in clinical and translational research. We seek to promote translational workforce development with experience based training in informatics, team science, biostatistics, research design, and regulatory science, by collaborating with the CTSA Network in best practices to develop the next generation of Clinical & Translational Research (CTR) scientists.

We offer an array of training, including seminars, workshops, graduate degree programs and targeted trainings, including the KL2 Scholars Programs. These programs provide CTR team members with the knowledge, skills and abilities to sustain an environment supporting and valuing translational science.

These researchers will be among those who make the most significant advances in clinical and translational science in academic, industry and government environments during the coming decades. The goal, and one of the most innovative aspects of the program, is for these individuals to be fully integrated into clinical departments where they will serve as principal investigators, collaborators and methodological experts.

Scholars in the VCU clinical and translational sciences programs gain the interdisciplinary insights and skill sets necessary to be major contributors to the translation of basic research to the bedside, or from the bedside into community practice. These programs respond to what VCU believes will be the focus of clinical and translational sciences in health and health care services in the 21st century.


VCU has created and funded a set of programs to provide “book-end” seamless career development from the undergraduate to faculty level. Selection for these programs is largely based on the applicant’s individualized development program (IDP). These include:

  • Graduate Programs
    • Masters in Clinical & Translational Science
    • PhD in Clinical and Translational Science
  • T32 (pre- and post-doctoral programs)
  • Rising scholar program
  • Emerging scholar program for early-stage research faculty (20% protected time)
  • Translational Scholar Award (40% protected time)
  • KL2 Scholars (75% protected time) career development award
  • K-to-R award to facilitate transition to independent R01 or VA Merit Review


For information to any of our programs, please refer to the individual programs listed in the left column of this page.