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Services and Pricing


Consultations are provided free of charge. We will meet with you to discuss your bioinformatics needs and figure out how we may best help you. If you want to carry out your own bioinformatics analysis but have some questions along the way, we will be happy to help you as needed. We can also provide advice on the design of microarray and NGS experiments. Please contact us to set up an appointment.

Data Analysis

We provide a variety of data analysis services from microarray to next-generation sequencing. If the specific service you need is not listed below, please contact us to discuss options. Beta services are those we do not have a pipeline set up for as of yet, but are willing to take on projects in these areas.

Primary Services:

  • NGS Pre-Processing and Analysis
  • Variant (SNP & Indel) Discovery
  • Gene expression analysis (Microarray and RNA-seq)
  • Gene set enrichment and functional analysis
  • Genome-wide Association Studies
  • Survival Analyses

Beta Services:

  • Genome Annotation
  • Peak Analysis (ChIP-Seq, DNase-Seq)
  • Genotype Cleaning
  • Genome and transcriptome assembly of sequencing data

Controlled-Access Data and Submission to Repositories

We can work with you to get access to controlled-access datasets like TCGA for analysis, or to submit your own datasets to a public repository like GEO for publication. Aid in gaining access to public data without bioinformatics analysis services is complimentary; however, a nominal fee for server maintenance may apply if you require access to our secure servers. Please contact us for more details regarding your specific project.

Manuscript/Grant Writing

We will aid in the writing of manuscripts and grants for any project in which we have or will be involved with by writing up methods sections, preparing figures of data we have processed and participating in the editing cycle (please see Authorship clause below).

Project Management Training

If you are new to bioinformatics, and all those pesky files keep getting lost or mixed up, give us a call! We can provide a crash course and continuing advice in how to manage your files and keep your projects organized.

Personalized Training

If you or a student need to learn how to use a specific tool or process a specific type of formatted data, and don’t know how to get started, we may be able to help with a personalized training session. Please contact us with your request to see if we can help.

Long-term Research Support

Having dedicated bioinformatics support can be essential for obtaining project funding. Written in as a percent effort on grants, we can provide comprehensive bioinformatics support, specifically tailored to the evolving needs of long-term research projects.


  • All consultations and aid in accessing public data sets are complementary.
  • Charge-Back Rate: 8 hours no charge, $65 per hour beyond 8 hours
  • Percent Effort on Grant: negotiable


We request co-authorship (and will assist with manuscript preparation) if we have developed novel tools, algorithms, or pipelines, participated in experiment design planning, or have contributed substantially to a biological question addressed in a manuscript. We ask that, at minimum, you acknowledge us in a publication to which we have contributed routine analysis, data management or conversion, or data submission services and that you cite the CTSA grant accordingly.