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Cohort Discovery (i2b2)

The Cohort Discovery tool is an easy to use self-service, Web-based tool to discover patient cohorts. It provides researchers the ability to query several sources of patient data, including electronic medical records, lab results, clinical data warehouse and demographic data. Cohort Discovery utilizes the i2b2 (Informatics for Integrating Biology and the Bedside) system to discern whether patient populations meeting certain inclusion and/or exclusion criteria exist.

The information contained in i2b2 is de-identified, so barriers to entry are lower and investigational queries may be executed prior to requesting identifiable information, should it be required. Queries can be saved for future use or be shared with collaborators. Patient sets can be extracted from these saved queries with proper IRB approval.

The tool allows users to ask research questions and get a preliminary count result. Users can select search terms from familiar taxonomies, like demographics, diagnoses, medications, procedures and laboratories.

Individual consults can be scheduled through the BIC support request form.