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The CCTR has developed a comprehensive translational informatics program that coordinates existing informatics efforts at VCU with new programs that provide a broad range of informatics services and expertise available to VCU/VCUHS researchers. This federated multi-faceted core is designed to increase the scope of projects that can be undertaken by integrating expertise in informatics, databases, natural language processing, software engineering, clinical decision support, data mining and knowledge discovery. Informatics services available through the Informatics Core and service requests can be accessed using this website. Services available include experimental design, data analysis, data capture, customized software, clinical trial matching and access to clinical data from the VCU Health System.

The Informatics Core is comprised of the Biomedical Informatics Core and the Enterprise Data Warehouse, which will store all VCU Health and VCU data.



Empower the VCU Community by building an informatics ecosystem that fosters the translation of data to knowledge to practice.