VCU Across the Spectrum blog launches

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Blog highlights research across campuses
By Sathya Achia Abraham
University Public Affairs

Research in biology, chemistry and medicine intersects with research in the arts, business and world studies in Across the Spectrum, a new blog showcasing the scope of Virginia Commonwealth University’s nearly $260 million research program across both its campuses.

Developed by the Division of University Relations and managed by University Public Affairs, Across the Spectrumoffers readers ranging from scientists, students and researchers to VCU alumni and the general public a chance to explore emerging trends in research in the fields of medicine, technology, engineering, humanities, life sciences, social sciences, business and the arts.

“The new blog highlights VCU’s role in making discoveries and moving scholarship forward by showcasing the work being done by our faculty and students scholars,” said Francis Macrina, Ph.D., VCU’s vice president for research.

“At VCU, our researchers are engaged in translational work that takes an idea and transforms it into something that benefits society. It could be research from the laboratory bench that reaches the community – either the patient’s bedside, or a business or support education efforts in a neighboring community.”

Visitors to theblog can read about research and scholarly projects and accomplishments, or view multimedia highlights of faculty and student scholars engaged in their work, discussing the research life or detailing scientific discoveries.

The blog features several categories that will be highlighted through text and multimedia including:

  • Inside Research is an in-depth exploration of research taking place at VCU.
  • Road to Discovery focuses on study findings, what drives discovery and what researchers have learned along the way.
  • Insight sheds light on recent trends in science, medicine and societal topics, and VCU researchers engage readers through discussion of how the research impacts our daily lives.
  • Profiles offers readers the chance to gain further insight into some of VCU’s most prolific researchers.
  • Research to Community highlights how translational research in the fields of medicine, the life and social sciences, homeland security and others impacts our daily lives. For example, learn how our researchers are taking ideas from the laboratory bench and moving them to a patient’s bedside and then into the community more quickly than before.

The blog site also links to VCU Public Affairs’ official social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

For more information and for free subscription to the blog, visit For a guided tour of the blog and its features, visit this presentation.