Jessica Waugh

Jessica Waugh

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As the Graduate Education Program Manager for the Education Core within the VCU Center for Clinical and Translational Research (CCTR), Jessica Waugh, M.A., M.S.I.S., does everything she can to help simplify the lives of the Clinical and Translational Sciences (CTS) graduate students she works with. From making sure that the correct paperwork is turned in to the right place to helping students select the right classes for their research trajectories, Jessica is the go-to person of the Education Core.

“I’m here to make their lives easier; their job is school and research,” Waugh said. “Their success is mine.”

Waugh is also interested in communication, which makes her a good fit for the CCTR. To her, a key aspect of translational research is the communication and collaboration between all different fields of study within the university. She also likes the idea of educating young researchers whom she considers “blindingly brilliant” and is excited to be a part of their education.

In her free time, Waugh is an avid reader and enjoys being in several book clubs with different librarians. She loves to travel and is also interested in animal rescue. She has joined these two passions into volunteer vacations and looks forward to traveling to Namibia, Africa to work on the Cheetah Conservation Fund.

Waugh has two master’s degrees. She received her first degree in bioethics from the University of Virginia and her second degree in information sciences from the University of Tennessee.

“The opportunity to work with students, faculty and staff as a member of the CCTR team has been wonderful,” Waugh said. “And I am so happy to see our graduate education program continue to grow and flourish as we train the next generation of translational scientists.”