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Biostatistics support

The Research Innovator offers biostatistics support for translational research projects.

Services include:

  • Providing advice on the choice of an appropriate experimental design or analysis strategy
  • Estimating the sample size required to detect a given effect with adequate power
  • Assisting with development of analysis plans after an appropriate design has been determined
  • Preparing a study analysis plan from the requirements of the statistical design
  • Developing appropriate randomization and stratification procedures
  • Assisting with the conduct of preclinical and clinical studies through provision of interim analyses
  • Analyzing completed studies
  • Manuscript preparation/assistance
  • Grant application assistance

These services are free, but there are priorities for access. The overall objective is for investigators to develop research programs to achieve external funding. When an investigator has worked with a biostatistician, we anticipate that the collaborative team that is eventually funded will include the biostatistician with a percentage effort from the grant.

For more information about biostatistics support, please contact Pam Dillon at (804) 827-1519.