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Grant writing assistance

The Research Innovator offers grant writing assistance for translational research projects.

The support offered to investigators working on research grants in clinical and translational science across the spectrum, from pre-clinical (T0) to first in humans (T1) to population health (T4) includes:

  • Consultations
  • Edits
  • Rewrites of the research plan

These services are free, but there are priorities for access and project acceptance depends on time frame, amount of work involved and current availability of staff.

Investigators should contact us a minimum of two weeks before a project is due to OSP. More time is better and required for large-scale grants (i.e., research plans greater than six pages). Note that cyclic due dates (February, June and October) are particularly busy and time frames should be extended accordingly.

Please note that a rough draft should be completed prior to seeking support. We do not assist with literature searches.

For more information about grant writing assistance, contact Pam Dillon, CCTR research liaison, and Bonnie Quearry, CCTR grant writer, by completing this form.