Collaborative Advanced Research Imaging (CARI) program

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MRI scanner

The CARI program, located at 203 E. Cary St. in Richmond, houses a new research-dedicated 3T Philips Ingenia MRI scanner. Some of the scanner’s advantages are listed below.

  • Uses Philips’ Direct Digital processing that improves the signal-to-noise ratio substantially
  • Includes both front and rear facing mirrors for visual stimuli and movie projection
  • The radiofrequency signal is totally digital at the source in order to reduce noise
  • Patient-specific B0 and B1 shimming
  • Large bore to help participants feel less confined and less claustrophobic

In addition to the research-dedicated scanner, the CARI facility has more than 6,000 square feet of research-dedicated space, which houses the following.

  • Mock scanner
  • Urine drug screen collection toilet
  • Multiple interview rooms
  • Sound attenuated testing chambers for human behavioral laboratory testing
  • Physical exam room with electrocardiogram
  • Dispensary for medication storage and dispensing

For more information about the CARI program’s capabilities, download this PDF Get Adobe Reader.

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