REDCap Access Manager (RAM) - Provides controlled access to the REDCap system based on VCU credentials.

Version 2.1.0 (7/01/2020)

REDCap Access Manager is a custom module embedded seamlessly into the VCU REDCap system allowing users of REDCap to safely create or access REDCap Projects given their credentials as a VCU user. For example, all VCU staff and faculty are able to create new REDCap projects. Conversely, VCU students and VCU affiliates are unable to create new REDCap projects, however, they can be added to a project as a user. The RAM also helps support security and compliance policies by collecting metadata specific to each project - such as sourcing data from the VCU Health EHR or capturing PHI or other sensitive data.

*New Feature: Ability for users with priveleges to change ownership of the project through the "Modify Project Settings" menu. A list of users within the project with 'user-rights' access is available to be chosen in the dropdown.

The information below outlines what is captured by the REDCap Access Manager during project creation:

  • Project Owner Information
    • Username (pre-populated)
    • First Name (pre-populated)
    • Last (pre-populated)
    • Phone Number (pre-populated)
    • Department (pre-populated)
    • Manager/Supervisor Name (entered)
    • Manager/Supervisor Email (entered)
  • Data Description
    • Will the project contain data from Cerner (entered)
    • Will the project contain data from IDX (entered)
    • Will the project contain HIPAA data (entered)
    • Will the project contain SSN (entered)
    • Will the project contain other sensitive information(financial, grades etc) (entered)
    • Will non-VCU personnel require access to project (entered)
    • ORCID (entered)
    • ORID (entered)
    • Owner History (system-populated)
    • NOTE: pre-populated and system-populated fields are not modifiable

NOTE: pre-populated fields are not modifiable

Please contact if you run into any issues while creating a new project.

Developer: Michael Tran

Cite & Submit: UL1TR002649

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