Working with community partners, VCU researchers identify health concerns within Richmond and throughout the commonwealth. 

Academic Collaborations

The Wright Center collaborates across disciplines within our own institutions and with community partners around the region, all with the shared goal of accelerating innovative research that advances the scientific study of human health.

Community Collaborations

The Wright Center brings academic and community partners together to improve community health and health care through research.

CTSA Network

As the only academic health center in Virginia to receive a Clinical & Translational Science Award (CTSA), VCU is fostering clinical research collaborations across the state and leading in the translation of research to patient care. The Wright Center works with a national consortium of more than 50 research institutions to accelerate the transformation of laboratory discoveries into treatments for patients, engage communities in clinical research and train a new generation of clinical and translational scholars. The CTSA program is led by the National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences, part of the National Institutes of Health.

Industry Collaborations

The Wright Center is committed to fostering and maintaining industry-academic collaborations that are focused on the shared goal of improving the health of our communities. Our strategic collaborations with industry help us accelerate our mission of advancing science for the betterment of human health.

ONE VCU Clinical Research

The ONE VCU Clinical Research initiative, identified as a key presidential priority, is a collaboration between VCU and VCU Health for the purpose of promoting and leveraging the value that clinical research adds to the delivery of enhanced health care and quality of life.

Trial Innovation Network

The Trial Innovation Network (TIN) is a collaborative initiative within the Clinical and Translational Science Award (CTSA) program that was created to address critical roadblocks in clinical trials and to accelerate the translation of novel interventions into life-saving therapies. The network focuses on operational innovation, excellence and collaboration, while leveraging the expertise, diversity and broad reach of the CTSA program. Features include a single institutional review board system, master contracting agreements, quality-by-design approaches, and a focus on evidence-based strategies to recruitment and patient engagement. The goal is not only to execute trials better, faster and more cost-efficiently, but also to be a national laboratory to study, understand and innovate the process of conducting clinical trials. Its resources are available to VCU researchers.

Cite & Submit: UL1TR002649

Publications supported by the Wright Center must cite the CTSA Grant number (UL1TR002649) and comply with the NIH Public Access Policy. We rely on these citations as a critical performance measure when reporting annual productivity to the NIH.