We train researchers to make significant clinical and translational science advances in academic, industry and government environments by promoting translational workforce development with experience-based training in every stage of the translational science spectrum. Through educational offerings including seminars, workshops and graduate degree programs, we provide clinical and translational research team members with the tools they need to succeed. Acting as the bridge between academics and clinical care we integrate scholars into clinical departments at VCU Health, where they serve as principal investigators, collaborators and methodological experts.

K12 Program

The VCU K12 program is supported by the National Institutes of Health Clinical and Translational Science Award and administered through the NIH’s National Center for Advancing Translational Sciences. Through the award, the Wright Center provides early-career researchers with dedicated time to help their findings benefit human health more quickly, while becoming successful, independent translational scientists. We engage with a diverse pool of faculty mentors and mentees across a range of disciplines to approach science through a “disease-agnostic” translational lens. This dynamic and responsive program is unlike any other at VCU and is a benefit we provide to researchers as the only academic health center in Virginia to receive a Clinical and Translational Science Award.

Certificate Program

The post-baccalaureate Certificate in Clinical Research educates students in the conduct of clinical (human) research studies and trials. The certificate focuses upon foundational knowledge and skills necessary to understand: basic clinical research and trial study design, statistics and data management; ethical principles to respect and protect the rights and welfare of individuals participating in clinical research; and select regulations and guidelines to guide activities related to new biopharmaceutical and medical device product development. 

Master's Program

The master’s degree in clinical and translational sciences provides training for a new generation of investigators. Students who graduate from the program will be prepared to apply translational science methods along the continuum of patient care, from the bench to the bedside. The program offers a broad foundation of core courses and emphasizes the importance of interdisciplinary approaches to research. It provides education in clinical and translational research principles and prepares student to engage in a range of investigative processes.

Ph.D. Program

The doctoral program in clinical and translational sciences at VCU offers a general curriculum program with a specialized interdisciplinary concentration in cancer and molecular medicine.

Students who pursue the Ph.D. in clinical and translational sciences will be prepared to integrate data from multiple disciplines and move among different projects and research venues. Interdisciplinary training is a key aspect of translational research and is the cornerstone in the Ph.D. program. Scholars in the program receive intense mentoring by a team of senior VCU researchers from multiple disciplines.

Translational Workforce Development

The overall goal of the Translational Workforce Development Program is to enhance clinical and translational training for all participants in the learning health ecosystem. We achieve this goal by providing resources and educational and training opportunities to create, sustain, and retain a clinical research workforce that is competent, efficient, and serves as role models in best practices for clinical research conduct.

Mentorship Program

The Wright Center is committed to providing high-quality, tailored mentorship to early career faculty pursuing clinical and translational research. Please browse our programs and resources.