Our multidisciplinary Biomedical Informatics Program supports healthy communities by accelerating the translation of research data to knowledge, bridging the gap between ideas and innovative therapies. Request informatics assistance from the Wright Center via

Processing and analysis of genomic data, including long and short term research support, education and consultation. Aid in accessing public genomics data sources such as the Genomic Data Commons.

A significant amount of information is embedded within clinical notes and other text based documents that is often intractable to analyze manually. The Wright Center provides domain-specific data extraction via text analyses and natural language processing (NLP), including clinical data extraction from clinical notes and reports.

Federated research network platforms such as TriNetX and the Accrual to Clinical Trials (ACT) Network facilitate cohort discovery for study feasibility and design. Subsequent re-identification of cohorts for data provisioning is also available to investigators.

Research Datasets

Researchers may request data sourced from various VCU Health clinical data systems, including the electronic medical record and billing systems. Datasets may be based on cohorts identified through the Wright Center’s cohort discovery platforms or through consultations with Wright Center data analysts. Datasets may be de-identified or identified based on the appropriate IRB approvals. Robust research data repositories such as N3C, AllofUs, the Genomic Data Commons, and the Human Connectome Project are available to VCU investigators.

Data Capture and Management

Wright informatics provides consulting expertise on devising the appropriate electronic data capture (EDC) strategy for your research project. Platforms such as REDCap and custom EDC solutions are available to properly capture and curate research data. Templates leveraging REDCap's eConsent framework are available to facilitate remote and/or electronic consenting of study participants.

Data Science

Data science is the process of extracting knowledge and insights from large datasets. Wright Center informaticists provide services to help make sense of data including predictive modeling, data cleaning, exploration, and visualization.

Research Data Catalog

To facilitate data sharing and reusability, available datasets can be searched using the Wright Research Data Catalog. Before starting to collect new data, you should ask yourself whether it is possible to use existing data to answer your research question or to enrich your own dataset. Reusing data may be more efficient, reducing inconvenience for study subjects and may save resources. The Wright Center clinical research Data Catalog is designed to support the FAIR Principles and facilitates the reuse of previously curated research datasets.

Honest Broker Services

The Wright Center informatics team, acting as a neutral third party, will act on behalf of investigators to provision de-identified data or limited datasets to your research team.

OnCore is the enterprise-wide clinical research management system at VCU and VCU Health. The system collects study, participant, and procedure data to enhance clinical trial participant safety, provide accurate institutional metrics, improve research billing compliance, and increase sponsor-funded cost recovery.


The Wright Center offers a variety of training in areas including bioinformatics, data science, electronic data capture (EDC) strategies, system access and use, and more. Subscribe to the Wright Center's newsletter to stay informed about upcoming training opportunities. One may search for available training resources on the Wright Center resources app.

Informatics Platforms – request informatics assistance

OnCore – Clinical trial management system – must be logged into VCU or VCU Health VPN to access

TriNetX – Global health research network

ACT – CTSA research network

REDCap – Research electronic data capture

Research Portal – Secure collaboration environment

Wright Research Resources App – Search for research oriented resources

Data Catalog – Find available and reusable research datasets

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