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For general inquiries about Biostatistics resources, please contact:

As clinical data becomes easier to collect and reliance on evidence-based research becomes important in patient care, the ability to synthesize data for medical research is paramount. The Wright Center supports VCU researchers by providing access to biostatisticians who can promote quality clinical and translational research.

The Biostatistics, Epidemiology and Research Design (BERD) core consists of member experts from VCU’s Biostatistical Consulting Laboratory. The BERD core of the Wright Center (i) promotes health science research that is high quality, reproducible, transparent and translatable, (ii) establishes more and longer-lasting grant-supported research programs and (iii) generates peer-reviewed publications in top journals

BERD members provide numerous services to support quantitative health sciences research at VCU, including:

  • study and trial planning in grant proposal development
  • on-study database management, analysis and dissemination
  • educational and training opportunities.

Learn more about the services below. Then, to request all biostatistical support, please fill out the form here. Initial consultations are always free.

Before you get started, understand the guidelines for use of BERD services and expectations of acknowledgement in your publications.

BERD core members are excited to help you design your research study or trial, particularly when you are developing a grant proposal.

BERD core members can provide one-time consultations or long-term collaborations for researchers looking for database management, analysis and dissemination services during their clinical trial or study.

The BERD core offers educational consultation as well as regular workshops on common and important statistical and study design concepts.