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Team Science

For general inquiries about Team Science, please contact:

What is Team Science?

Team science is, broadly, individuals working together to research and find solutions to scientific problems. But it’s deeper than just that. Team science is the team dynamic within that team and the ability of that team to integrate knowledge between the people represented on the team. 

The National Institutes of Health has identified the need to support and engage in translational team science to find improvements to human health and solve our nation's most complex problems. Team science, the conduct of research by teams, is informed by several disciplines and fields, one of which is the science of team science. The science of team science is a field which includes social scientists from a variety of disciplines researching the mechanisms which support effective teamwork.

How does team science fit into my VCU research project?

As a Clinical and Translational Science Award hub, the Wright Center provides a support system and network for integrating interdisciplinary teams into your project. The Wright Center provides team science consultation, tools and documents.

Contact the Team Science director listed in the inquiries box for a consultation or more information.

Further Reading

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You likely learned everything you needed to excel at team science in grade school, but you've since forgotten and need assistance. The Wright Center is here to help.