Starting Data Collection

For general inquiries about Starting Data Collection resources, please contact:

The phrase “garbage in, garbage out” may have been coined about computers and programming, but it is just as true about research. Consistent, reliable, and replicable data collection is the backbone of good research. The Wright Center can help you develop and plan your data collection; facilitate support for live data collection, data extraction, and access to existing data; and help you ensure your data is secure.

Services Tools and Facilities

Data Collection/Case Report Documents

Work with a biostatistician to ensure that your data will enable you to answer your questions

Request a consultation with a biostatistician

Work with a community engagement expert to ensure that your data collection is inclusive and generalizable

Data Collection/Case Report Documents

Create your data collection documents in REDCap (link requires VPN login if off campus)

Legal and Policies

If your study is a clinical trial, register it at before data collection begins

Make sure everything is up to date on your faculty-held Investigational New Drug application (IND) or Investigational Device Exemption (IDE)

Legal and Policies

Register your trial at Protocol Registration and Results System

Collecting and Managing Data

An informatics specialist can help with data collection tools, managing datasets, and accessing existing data

Request a consultation with an informatics specialist

Work with a community engagement expert to gain access to the community

Collecting and Managing Data

VCU’s Clinical Research Standard Operating Procedures are available to guide you in conducting your research (link may require VCU login credentials)

The VCU Medical Center Clinical Research Unit provides physical space and support for conducting clinical research

Request VCU Health System clinical, nursing and ancillary services

The Wright Center’s Collaborative Advanced Research Imaging (CARI) facility provides access to a research-dedicated MRI scanner and other imaging research support

Use the clinical trial management system OnCore to manage your study and collect your data (link requires login credentials and access to VCU VPN)

Use a HIPAA compliant online data capture REDCap for data collection (link requires VPN login if off campus)

Get Unstuck

Come to the Wright Center Consulting Hours for one-on-one help – contact the research navigator for more details

Recruiting Participants

Create a record for your study at ResearchMatch
Identify potential participants through TriNetX